Are bongs dirtier than a toilet seat?

There is a myth that is floating around the internet that bongs are dirtier than toilet seats. But there has been no research or study conducted, which shows that ice bongs have a higher gathering of dirt and bacteria when compared to the toilet seat. Although many cases have been reported about the transmission of oral disease increased when smokers exchanged their bong with each other automatically there will be a risk of exchange germs and infection. If we share our smoking device with anyone so it is always suggested that we should have our smoking tool and never share it with anyone, and it will help us stay protected from germs and different oral diseases.

Best for recreational activities!!

Yes, without any doubt, big bongs are considered as one of the best ways to overcome this smoking addiction, and it is the primary reason why this is the ultimate level of recreational activity. If anyone is willing to consume the weed the form of medicine so medical experts always suggest to us the fact that the person should the help of bong in a limited amount. A significant reason behind it is that with the support of bong, a smoker can inhale filtered smoke, and joints or vape do not have this thing under their belt. Although bong is also dangerous for our body because smoking in any form is harmful, when we compare it with its alternatives, then bong is the thing that is safer in every criterion.

Hot water for cleaning!!

It is clear from the first glance that the user should always clean their ice bongs regularly and with hot water. The main reason behind it is that whenever we smoke weed, few particles are still left behind, and inside this is a smoking device. So for a more extended time, if these particles are making their home in this device automatically, there will be a layer formed that is harmful to us. Furthermore, the majority of smokers will always share their smoking devices with their friends and family show the chance of oral infection also increases dramatically. Therefore this is the ultimate reason why market experts always suggest the fact that the person should always clean it with hot water and that too at regular notes.

Hot water can kill the entire section of germs and bacteria as and with proper maintenance and cleaning of the device, we can easily keep this smoking device with us for a longer time.

Suitable for every budget!!

Bong is a smoking device that comes according to our budget, and if the smoker has a low budget, they can quickly get the appropriate and desirable equipment from the market. But as mentioned earlier in this work that now the industry of smoking is increasing day by day. So automatically, the user can quickly get the services of expensive and premium levels of bong from the market also and they can easily buy in cheap price.

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