Aggregate A Cosmetic Beauty Force

Look good and feel good being the latest mantra among the upwardly moving urban population, the beauty and wellness segment has diversified further into specialized verticals such as cosmetology and trichology. A fragmented segment with more of standalone clinics, this sector invites more serious players who can give it a shape and vision for future […]

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A Beautiful Business Opportunity

Changing lifestyle and growing purchasing power has given rise to a new necessity – the necessity of looking good, groomed. According to industry estimates the service industry is pegged at Rs 15,000- 16,000 crore. Moreover, beauty no longer remains confined to women. Men have become equally conscious. So aspiring entrepreneurs here is an opportunity to […]

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Hair Raising Profits

The public today demands more than shampoos and conditioners. Hair colours, styling products, hair repair treatment, hair spa treatment, transplants, hair weaves have gained popularity and have increasing demand as well. Haircare has become a regime as opposed to being an occasional activity. To add to this, people are willing to experiment and are not […]

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