Ford Spark Plug Problems – Spark Plugs Damaged and Blowing Out

Spark Plug Blow Outs.

Ford has already established an issue with the spark plug threads not holding spark plugs within their 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 engines for some time now. The aluminum heads have about five threads holding the spark plugs in position. When the threads fail the spark plug will eject, if this blows out it may break the ignition coil that’s positioned over each plug. Ford doesn’t recommend repairing the threads, they’d rather the whole cylinder mind get replaced having a mind from Ford. Watch out for investing in a reconstructed mind because of blowouts being so common, odds are the reconstructed mind could have a repair insert that won’t hold. Machine shops generally use Heli-coils for repairing broken or missing threads, however Heli-Coils aren’t the very best repair in cases like this.

The Heli-Coil is really a thin coil that may fail because of the stress of cylinder compression cheap merely a couple of threads are utilized to secure the spark plug. Using this Ford spark plug problem, among the best niche tool inserts available may be the CAL389-100 (much thicker compared to Heli-Coil brand), you can use it within the vehicle saving lower time and money, the package that it’s available in includes a short instructional DVD. Continue reading for Ford’s latest spark plug problem.

Damaged Spark Plugs.

Ford has redesigned the cylinder mind around the 5.4 engines utilized in Ford trucks, Expeditions, Mustangs etc. regrettably the brand new design includes a different problem. When taking out the spark plugs during these newer 5.4 Ford engines the spark plug can break departing metallic sleeve (electrode shield) within the spark plug hole. The threaded part arrives however the remaining portion stays behind and could be a genuine nightmare to extract.

Ford makes a removal tool package, the Rotunda 303-1203 for taking out the spark plug sleeve if this break occurs. The Rotunda 303-1203 is really a niche tool that’s been in huge demand from many unsuspecting repair centers which were performing regular maintenance on their own customer’s vehicles. The Ford TSB describes how to try and avoid the break, even though the procedure yields under desirable results.

The Ford Rotunda 303-1203 automotive niche tool may be used to remove this poorly designed plug.

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