Know the Steps to use Bondic

Bondic colla universale

There are a lot of issues that can be encountered while using plastics and other such materials. One of them is fixing them in the correct way when they get broken. Now, there are a lot of adhesives that are available in the market for the purpose. But the problem with these adhesive solutions is that they do not last longer and can often leave traces behind. Bondic is a device that can serve as the best solution to this problem. It is more of a plastic welding device that uses UV LED light for the purpose of joining the broken ends of the object. Here are some steps for fixing broken plastic objects using the device.

Roughing the surfaces

For the most effective joining process, the device requires the welder to make the joining surfaces as rough as possible. For this purpose, a person can use a nail filer or rough blades. Rubbing the surfaces thoroughly using these tools will make the broken surfaces coarse enough to allow the fluid and the plastic bonding in a kind of locking pattern which is not possible in smooth surfaces.

Use the device

The next and main step is to use the device. It requires the person to use the bondic fluid between the joining ends of the plastic and cover up the joint from the sides too. Then use the UV light to dry the fluid and allow it to harden. The cooling and hardening process will not take more than three to four seconds.

Apply Paint

The final finishing step is to use paint on the joined parts surface. Using the relevant color paint will hide the joint and can also get the uniform look for the object over the joined surface. It will only need one or two coatings to get the perfect finish on the joints.


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