Tezbox Fundraiser Restore – Process Guide

We are well versed with cryptocurrencies and using the blockchain network for transactions. But what caught our eye is the Tezos platform. Until recent times, we only had hardware wallets to store private keys and related information to avoid breaches. Of course, these wallets work wonders. But the constantly developing technology demands so much more from us.

Tezbox Fundraiser wallets:

The devices we use in general like smartphones or laptops are easy to hack and grab all the data present. Storing information within these devices is like giving our information to the breachers instead of avoiding it. The tezbox fundraiser wallets from the tezos platform are the most appropriate solution we will need here. 

Well, don’t take it this way that these wallets are similar to the hardware wallets. They do so much more than securing the private keys. They provide an open-source and decentralized blockchain network for a better quality of transactions. 

Why Restore Fundraisers?

The quality of transactions, and the intriguing features excited many people to use these wallets. There are two main reasons for any one of us to search for the tezbox fundraiser restore process. Either we are trying to figure out the genuineness or wondering how to retrieve the tezos tokens from the tezbox ico wallet. 

Whatever be the root cause, we need to know the process of the tezbox fundraiser restore. So, here is a simple guide to restoring the fundraiser wallets from tezbox:

  • The first step, of course, is to go to the home page of the official tezbox website. 

Keep in mind that there will be many duplicates to the original ones. Ensure that you are accessing the secured website, or otherwise, you might end up losing everything while trying to get your tokens back. 

  • Once we reach the official website, we’ll find two options before us – creating an account and restoring the existing account. Click on ‘restoring the existing account option.’

We are then redirected to a new webpage. Here, we can find three different ways to restore our wallets – private key, ico/fundraiser wallet, and seed phrase. Each of these methods requires specific data to proceed further. The requirements are as follows:

Seed Phrase – We need to enter the wallet’s seed words or the mnemonic in the specified dialogue box. Apart from this mandatory data, we also have space to enter the optional passphrase. This isn’t necessary but, if you have it handy, the process would be easy.

ICO/Fundraiser Wallet – This option requires more data than the others, and all of it is mandatory. We need the fifteen-word secret key, our mail id and password, and the public hash key. We can also enter the activation code if available or can leave it otherwise. 

Private Key – This is applicable for those who exported the private key from tezos or generated a new one. We need to enter the private key in the specified dialogue box. Note that only the edsk and the edesk variants can be used here. 

  • After entering the required data, click on the ‘restore account’ option. 
  • As a final step, we are asked to encrypt our tezbox wallet with a private password. Once you confirm your password, the account is restored, and we can see all the relevant data!

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