Two mineral families! Bet you never know about asbestos

When a building built, it has many materials uses, such as cement, gravel, iron, and more. All these materials play a crucial role in building a building, or we can say that it is challenging to construct a building without it. Similarly, a cheaper material is using in the construction of a building called asbestos. Along with the building, it is utilized in many other works such as cement sheet painting and others. There are more disadvantages than its benefits, and due to these losses, it is banned in today’s time. If it used at any place such as a manufacturing company, then both laborers and the people living there are suffering from dangerous diseases.

So, whenever you buy a house, it is vital that you test the amount of asbestos used while building. There are many companies available in the market that has the authority to check the number of harmful chemicals. Asbestos survey London is also one of those testing surveys whose name is counted among the world’s popular survey companies. It is the only company that provides its asbestos Checking kit. So, that you can easily order it and check the quantity of asbestos in surrounding things. 

Types of mineral in asbestos- 

As we all know that asbestos consists of six kinds of minerals like amosite, crocidolite, anthophyllite, and lots of others. All these minerals are divided into two families according to advantages and disadvantages.  

  • Serpentine asbestos 
  • Amphibole asbestos 

It is the name of both the categories which each type of asbestos divided. Every person, whether he is a laborer or a resident of a building, should know about these categories.

  • Amphibole asbestos:

It is like a needle that is difficult to hold in hand. It has been found in many studies that it is less harmful to many diseases than Serpentine asbestos. This is the most valuable asbestos that is using in many business things like pipe isolation and lots of others. It is not a ban because of less danger in the comparison of other categories like anthophyllite, tremolite, or actinolite. 

  • Serpentine asbestos:

It is asbestos made of curl fibers, which consists of sheet and crystal. This is the most widely used Karan in the world so that 95% of people used to use it in the old times. In the comparison of other categories, it is more harmful than Amphibole asbestos because it causes many diseases such as cancer, heart problem, and many more. Due to this problem, this is a ban in all over the world.  

Currently, it is still used in many countries but on the limited quantity, which is not harmful. If a building constructor wants to use it while constructing his building, then he has to check how much quantity they are using. For this, they have to get a survey done by asbestos survey London. It is a survey related company which is verified by the government because the experts here all experienced.

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