What Are the Recommended Products for First-Time Cannabis Consumers?

As cannabis is now towards a full speed legalization curve, many people are turning towards trying this drug for the first time. But still, there are many things going on each newcomer’s mind. What’s sativa and indica? What is cannabis aka cbd oil? How to use vape pen? To better understand cannabis, you need to know the different product types that are friendly for first-time use. Here are a few recommended products for beginners in marijuana smoking:

  • Vape Pens: Vape Pens are recommended for new cannabis consumers. These portable pens have a cannabis oil cartridge. They don’t require any kind of set up and they wouldn’t get you that high either. The vapor is also pretty easy on your lungs. Another best part of these vape pens is that they don’t even leave any kind of lingering aroma! Some cartridges come with propylene glycol. It is an additive to give a little more viscous high, but it leaves some chemical residues that cause headaches and stomach aches. Therefore, you should not use PG cartridges.

  • Tinctures: Some people don’t like smoking cannabis. But the edibles have a pretty nasty effect on people who are just starting. If you are one of the people who are just starting and don’t like smoking marijuana, then you can use tinctures. These tinctures use alcohol to pull the THC and other cannabis compounds from the plant, which makes it a liquid that is dropped under the tongue. A slight buzz with a single drop and two would make the buzz a little noticeable.
  • Edibles with Low Dosage: Some doses could be less than 5mg also. The standard 10mg dose can be too much for someone who is just starting. Therefore, you can try with a couple of milligrams of THC. The buzz won’t be lasting that long either. Therefore, edibles would work without any side effect.
  • Pre Rolls: Today’s cannabis is a little more potent. Therefore, for newbies, smoking weed directly is a risky task. So, you should make sure you purchase low THC and high CBD flower or pre-rolls if you are new to cannabis smoking. These pre-rolls give a lower high and you can enjoy cannabis if it is your first time.


Using the following products for a newbie would make cannabis feel nice and enjoyable. The industry wants new people to become their customers. Therefore, they make these kinds of products to expose them to marijuana.

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