How To Plan the Perfect Itinerary for japanhokaido tours

Don’t think it’s an exaggeration when people who have been to Japan say that Hokkaido is big. It is actually vast. The distances between two points are long, the landscape is usually wild, and the weather fluctuations are significant. All these make it difficult to plan the travel itinerary. Still, based on the suggestions from the experienced tour guides and the reviews of the travelers, you can make a feasible plan. It will begin from Sapporo, which usually remains cold except for the summer season, especially when you are visiting Akan and Shiretoko.

Sapporo to Asahikawa

And here, you can use the Hokkaido Expressway Pass and save a few hours by opting for the highway to Furano. The stunning scenery will whisper to you why the place is worth visiting. To witness the best display of color, you can check out Farm Tomita. If you love lavender, then it is your den as they sell every product in lavender. The second day of the japanhokaido tours can end on a different note if you visit the cable car station during sunset when you can perceive some of the surreal moments of life as you feel you can’t get more closer to Nature than now.

Asahikawa to Utoro

You can plan for a day’s outing at Daisetsuzan National Park and then take the drive to Shiretoko the next day. Or you can head to Shiretoko immediately the next day. It will be a long drive that is going to take up almost four to five hours. The next destination can be Shari, where you will get cheaper accommodation. Shiretoko National Park will be on the fourth day’s plan. But beware of the bears when you take a walks through the Shiretoko Go-Ko or the five lakes. The Fureppe Waterfalls will offer you some real incredible views.

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