Identifying Second Hand Watches

In the business of counterfeit watch (นาฬิกาก๊อป ,which is the term in Thai) luxury watches, there is a fear of buying a fake instead of the original. The second-hand market is a journey of successive surprises for every watchmaker. Unique models, pieces of exceptional rarity, vintage jewelry, and historical specimens converge in this parallel universe.

The most sought-after pieces have the added value of carrying a story dressed in anecdotes that will be revived every time the buyer looks at the time. However, it is essential not to ignore the risks involved in the sale of high-end watchmaking:

It is convenient to look at nuances as if the dial of the text is straight and that the sources are proportional and precisely the ones used by each brand. Also, the closures of the bracelets should open and close gently, but once settled, they must be firm. Also, the movements that enhance the watches are of exceptional quality and finish.

Identify Design Flaws

packaging, logo recording, mechanical movements, or noise are some of the aspects that must be taken into account. While many brands of high-end watches are characterized by having transparent case funds to show their movements, Rolex does not.

Check For Logo

On the other hand, in some firms, the recording of logos, names, or symbols is not common, as is the case with Rolex, which, except for very few models, does not record the exterior of its funds. However, the bottom of the inner box is always engraved with the name of the company and the reference number.


Ensure that the site or individual where they sell the watch is safe. Chronoexpert advises taking special care with the unlimited auction sites, as well as the websites that propose encounters with a strange or unidentified individual who owns a luxury watch. It is essential to go to a trusted company that supports each piece and has a team of experts that guarantees its authenticity, as well as having a return policy.

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