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Whenever you are planning for Japan tour, there are some places that seem to be talking to you more than the others. Well, Hokkaido is one such place that you might want to give out a try. Now, you must be wondering why japan hokkaido tours are so special among the masses these days, so it is time to learn the reasons, one by one. You can even ask some of the tourism experts, who will help you to know more about the tours and why choose this particular region to be the main center of attraction for your tour.

What is Hokkaido known for?

Hokkaido is many known for its premium quality and freshness of its seafood. It is because the cold waters, which are surrounding the northernmost part of the Japan is the prefecture and ideal for the sea vegetation and fish. So, if you are into seafood and love that smell of fresh fish from water, then this place is meant for you. You can start gulping down some delicacies from the first day of your visit to this region. Just learn more about the seafood fiesta that is waiting for you over there and then you can aim for the most delightful experiences for your mouth!

Best known for sea urchin:

There are so many types of sea food adventures waiting for you once you have planned to give Hokkaido a visit. But, to be on the safer side, it is always important to know what this place is best known for. Well, people visit Hokkaido for its uni or the sea urchin of the Rebun and Rishiri. The taste is just flawless and the result will just melt in your mouth and stay in your mind for the longest span of time. 

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