Need Advice About The Hood Cleaning Of Your Commercial Kitchen? Read To Know More

There are a lot of do-it-yourself techniques available for almost everything, like retailing your bathroom or installing a new kitchen sink. But in the case of commercial kitchens, you should use higher professional hood cleaning services.

The safety measures and cleaning techniques are of standard practice and are to be used by the contractors in exhaust hood cleaning. There are a variety of educational programs held for the hood cleaning association-related employees. These are to improve existing codes and regulations.


Why should you not clean your commercial kitchen hood by yourself?

No matter how simple it may sound, cleaning the filter is not Le Mans’s job. Only professionals can handle capturing the grease and other debris when cleaning up the filters. After cleaning the filters and effluent disposal is also an important consideration.

It becomes very difficult to handle all of this on your own for a beginner.

It might be an impossible job. You might get into some miss happening as well because of lack of knowledge regarding the kitchen exhaust hood system. Although you might think now that relying on a video is a safe option but trust me, it is not. Think for once how can you risk it all and rely on a single video about which you do not even are sure.

Also, it is not a job of soap and general cleaning equipment it requires Detergent and chemicals along with special equipment’s carried by the professional cleaners.

What does the process include?

The process of doctor cleaning includes cleaning duct systems, exhaust systems, etc. The by-products are generally grease, wastewater, and the detergents and chemicals that are used for cleaning. You might also need suction to remove the water that is Stagnant in the duct system.


The frequency of cleaning

The basic question that comes now is how often we should get a duct system cleaned. Well, the simple rule is that it is all based upon the amount of time that you put into use. Say if you have a common kitchen that is in use for 6 hours or less.

Then you should probably consider getting it cleaned yearly. Whereas if you have a commercial kitchen that is in use for more than 6 hours, then you should get it cleaned by professionals every six months to ensure health and safety.

If you have an eating establishment in your restaurants or you use heavy equipment like deep fat fryers or car boilers etc., you should get it cleaned minimum monthly, or it can go to three months at a maximum.

It is all based on the amount of usage that you put your restaurant or kitchen into. Getting it cleaned is never harmful. You can also ask the professionals that you are hiring about the frequency of cleaning that you need. They would be able to tell you better about the requirements of you are kitchen or restaurant.



It is good to take matters into your hands and doing the job by yourself. But there are some areas where professional help is always required, and you should not try to take that matter into your own hands. You might think of saving money, but you might end up getting into trouble instead.

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