Portable toilets – The modern sanitation!

In today’s world, where we are surrounded by different viruses, bacteria, and diseases, it is highly important to ensure proper sanitation to stay fit and healthy. Toilets are one of the most integral parts of sanitation and cleanliness. Everyone has toilets at their homes, but what if you are in a public event and wants to use a toilet. In such events, one of the best solutions available is using portable toilets. Portable toilets are also known as portaloos and are in the form of the tank that holds human waste. It is just like a normal toilet, but the only difference is that the waste is not flushed to the sewer attached to it; instead it is collected in a tank which is attached to the portable toilets and different chemicals are used to break down the waste collected and kill all the bacteria and germs.

These are portable units that you can place anywhere, and they are of great use, especially in public events, where there is no facility in the toilet. You can simply hire a portable toilet and place it anywhere during a public event. It helps to keep their surroundings clean and ensures that the guests get all the necessary sanitation facilities. Portable toilets are available at much affordable prices, which help you to arrange good sanitation facilities without spending much money.

Top reasons to hire portaloos for your next event

Highly convenient 

One of the biggest benefits of using portable toilets is the great convenience it offers in unfavorable conditions. A toilet is a need of every person and everywhere, and portable toilets serve this need in some of the outer areas. For instance, if you have organized a public event in the open, then it is evident that there will be no toilets, so you can hire portable toilets and place them in the open area for the guests. The area which has suffered from a natural disaster gets a lot of help from these portable units. These compact toilets can also be modified and made accessible for disabled people. You can add a ramp to the so that people can go in there in a wheelchair. Portable toilets are perfect for all kinds of circumstances and offer great convenience to people, event organizers in extreme conditions to maintain proper sanitation. 

Great versatility

Portaloos portable toilets offer great versatility as you can move them anywhere without any difficulty. They fit in almost every place and can be transported to different areas easily. You only need a surface to place them nothing else, which makes them quite versatile. The versatility it offers is one of the top reasons why so many people are attracted towards it. There is no setup cost, and you need not prepare for anything. You can easily hire a portable toilet, find a place to keep it, and it will be placed there. 

Quick delivery

Various companies are offering portable toilets on rent, but most of them deliver the toilet to the required place too late. If the person is getting the portable toilet after his event, then it is of no use. Some of them even take 4 to 5 days to deliver the toilet to the place of the event. It is quite disappointing and frustrating. But portaloos ensure you quick delivery and guarantee that you get the toilet as quickly as possible. Their website ensures that you will get the portable toilet within 24 hours of the booking. You can easily book a toilet through their websites, and it is guaranteed that the booked toilet will be delivered at your place within the next 24 hours. These services are quite punctual and professional and ensure that their customers get complete satisfaction. The pace of their service delivery will never disappoint you and will provide you with a portable toilet whenever you need it.

Saves a lot of time

Time is one of the most important things at present, and by hiring portable toilets, you can save a lot of precious time. One of the top advantages of using portable toilets is that it saves a considerable amount of time. If you decide to build a proper restroom, then it will consume a lot of time. You will have to spend a lot of time and take care of different aspects. It will not give you any time to focus on another important task. But if you want it to be quick and less time-consuming, then going for the portable toilets is the best option. Portable toilets are easy and quick to set up, and you can save a lot of time by choosing them for your event. Especially when you require multiple toilets, then it can be a highly time-saving as well as money-saving idea.

Environment friendly 

The environment is of great importance as without we won’t be able to survive in today’s world. It is necessary to think about the environment before doing anything. When you organize any event, you must ensure that it won’t affect the environment adversely. Having portable toilets is important and beneficial at the same time as it offers eco-friendly toilets. The design of portable toilets is eco-friendly, and it also seems quite attractive because of its unique concept. 

Immensely neat and clean

When it comes to the toilet the first thing that comes into your mind is cleanliness and comfort. Especially when it is a portable toilet, then it is usually considered that there will be a lack of cleanliness and comfort. There are various portable portaloos providers who take proper care of comfort and cleanliness in portable toilets. If you hire portable toilets, then you need not worry about cleanliness as they take complete care of it. The structure of these toilets is made up of strong and durable materials, which makes them highly comfortable and cleanliness. Adding to it, it is quite easy to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in portable toilets. You need not put as much effort as you need to put into cleaning traditional toilets.

Allows you to provide good facilities to the employees

Portable toilets not only helps you to provide good sanitation services to your guests in an event but also helps to provide good facilities to the workers working on a site. It is quite challenging to find a clean and comfortable toilet near the site, but you can hire portable toilets to provide the workers with a good restroom facility. It will give them a lot of comforts, and they will be able to work with proper concentration and full dedication. They can easily relieve themselves using it and return to work in no time. It will improve your relationship with your employees as it will show that you care about them and focus on providing them good sanitation facilities.

24 hours customer support 

Portable toilet services not only provide good service to the customers but also take care of all their issues and doubts by providing them uninterrupted 24-hour assistance. You can enjoy efficient and 24×7 customer support if you hire portable toilets. Any issue faced by you, whether it is minor or major, will be addressed as soon as possible, and solving your query will always be the first priority. If you have any queries related to the portable toilets, you can visit the websites of the service provider and contact the customer care service. They will respond quickly and will try their best to solve your query. Great customer support is one of the top reasons to hire portable toilets for events and other purposes. 

No registration

Whenever you hire any service, you need to register yourselves by providing all your details, but when it comes to portable toilets, there is no need for registration. You need not create an account on the site of the service provider or share any detail. The process of hiring portable toilets is quite simple and straightforward. You can easily hire it by going through different options and choosing the one that suits you the most.

Some important things about hiring portable toilets that you must know about

How does a portable toilet work?

Portable toilets have gained massive popularity as it has solved the problem of sanitation facilities on construction sites and public events where it is difficult to find a traditional restroom. Now you can simply hire a portable restroom, and it will be delivered to your place whenever you need it. Most people are not ware of portable toilets and are quite skeptical about how they work.

Portable toilets have a unique design that is made up of four different components. The first and most important component is the toilet seat, and second it the waste holding tank. The other two components are the pressure system and the flush system. These four necessary components are combined together to make a portable toilet. The basic mechanism of portable toilets is almost the same as the traditional toilets. The only difference in them is that in portable toilets, the waste is collected in the tank, whereas in traditional toilets, it is shifted to the sewers. 

Why doesn’t accumulated waste block it?

One of the most common and biggest questions related to portable toilets is that if the waste is stored in the tank, then why doesn’t it blocks the toilet? To ensure that the waste doesn’t block the toilet, some chemicals are used in the tank to break down the waste and keep the mobile toilet free from all germs, bacteria, and awful smell. The tank is filled with water, which is used for flushing the waste. The flush system is hand-operated, which uses water to create pressure in the tank, which goes through the pipe and end up in the toilet pan. Portable toilets also go through some wear and tear, which makes it necessary to service them from time to time so that they keep working smoothly. It is quite essential to service them regularly as, without it, there is a high risk of facing blockages in it, and the waste won’t run smoothly through it. 

Buy portable toilets or hire them? Which one is the better option?

  • It is not necessary that you have to rent portable toilets as they are available for sale too and you can buy them for permanent use. Before buying them, you must know that whether it is beneficial to buy them or to rent them is better. If you are planning to buy portable toilets then you must keep the following things in mind;
  • Portable toilets are quite a big size, and you won’t be using it regularly. So, when they are not in use, you will have to keep them in a large and safe place to store them. You also need to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged when out of use. It occupies a lot of space and also consumes efforts and money which you need to spend on its maintenance.
  • Portable toilets are carriers of the waste, and according to the law to buy and keep waste carriers, you need to have proper licenses and permissions. It costs a lot of money to get all these permissions and licenses. So buying portable toilets adds up to your cost and increases your expenses.
  • If you buy portable toilets, then you will have to also hire professionals to install them properly, which are also quite time-consuming.

Why renting portable toilets is better?

Renting portable toilets is always better than buying them, and there are various reasons that support this statement. Buying portable toilets increases your workload and stress, but if you rent them, you can be stress-free as you need not worry about its maintenance and storage. Once you are done using it, you can return to its real owner. So, I need to arrange a space to store it safely. Adding to it, you need not obtain any kind of license or permission to hire portable toilets. Hiring them is a much affordable and cost-effective option. You can easily get them on rent whenever you need them. So, it is a quite convenient and simple process as compared to buying them 

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