Some important facts to know about roof waterproofing

Most of the commercial places have flat roofs and flat roofs are often prone to leakage. Hence, before it starts creating problem, it is better to get it water proofed. A leaking roof is not for any type of business and it is not that expensive job. You can get the water proofing done once and it will last for several years. You can carry out your business without any fear of leaking of the roof. Commercial Waterproofing must be done by the experts, good ones don’t charge a lot for it.

Liquid waterproofing is best

Liquid waterproofing is the best and most popular since many years. It is economical as well as environment friendly solution. It is recommended by most of the roofing contractors. Nowadays, it can be done in white color which means it reflects sunlight and keeps the inside temperature cooler. Liquids that are common for roof waterproofing are polyurethane, elastomeric, silicon and more. These materials with a single layer over the roof can last for at least twenty years.

Choose the best material

Any contractor will suggest you several options for it but it is you only who decides the best material that is suitable for your roof and that can fall under your budget. This becomes even important when the roof was coated previously. Don’t choose urethane over elastomeric as it can trigger emulsification. You also need to be cautious if there is silicon coated previously over the roof. It is better to get it removed completely before applying another coat as it can create problem in adhesion.

What to check?

The next thing you can get done is proper priming of the surface. This will improve the strength of adhesion. It is better to keep the surface completely dry before applying the primer. Before the application of waterproofing liquid you must check on the details on the roof such as pipe, vents, drain pipes, all the corners and more, make sure that they are treated with reinforcing fabric or sealant.

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