Common Problems With Epoxy Resin And How To Avoid Them

The application of the epoxy resin is an extremely simple process with which incredible results are obtained. Unfortunately, as with any other project, it is easy to skip a step or make small mistakes, which will create problems in the final product.

In this article, we offer you a list of the most common issues that arise when working with this resin and how to avoid them.

  1. Eyes Of Fish

These are craters in the epoxy finish with a dot in the middle and occur when little resin is applied to an area, so the layer is very thin. To avoid this, you should buy enough epoxy to cover the entire surface completely. In this way you will not have problems covering the entire area and that it can level itself.

If fish eyes appear, add more resin at that point before it dries. If you find them when the epoxy is already dry, you will have to apply another new layer of resin.

  1. Sticky Or Soft Spots

After pouring the epoxy resin and when it has been sitting for 36 hours, the surface should be hard and smooth. The formation of sticky or soft spots in the finish is due to an incorrect mixture of the resin and the hardener. When mixing both parts, you must mix for 5 minutes, and there should be no mixture stuck to the edges or the bottom of the container.

By making sure there are no unmixed spaces, you will prevent soft spots from forming in the middle of your counter. The only way to remove these soft spots on the finish is to scrape and remove all the epoxy while it is not yet dry and apply a new coat completely.

  1. Tacky Epoxy That Does Not Spread Easily

After mixing in the recommended way, pour the resin and spread it over the entire surface of the project. Mixing the resin with the hardener produces a chemical reaction that generates heat.

Do not forget that leaving the epoxy in the container for a long period will generate more heat, and it will begin to harden faster. Once poured onto the counter or floor, the largest surface area will slowly dry within 30 minutes to an hour.

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