How To Play Bitcoin Dice: A Beginners Guide To Gambling On Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin is fast becoming a global currency with many people using it to gamble. Bitcoin dice gambling has become the most popular form of crypto-currency gambling.

Playing dice on bitcoin dice sites isn’t too different from playing dice with fiat currencies. However, there are some differences you need to be aware of before starting your game. Here are some tips for playing bitcoin dice and suggestions for where to play.

What Is Bitcoin Dice Gambling

Bitcoin dice gambling is a gambling game where players compete to roll digital dice and bet on which number they’re going to roll. The player can win if they roll the number they bet on or if they roll numbers that match the pattern of numbers on their bet.

The first bitcoin dice site was launched in 2009 by New Jersey programmer Kyle Hounshell. The idea behind this game is that it’s open-source, meaning anyone can create a bitcoin dice site and start accepting bets with bitcoin as currency.

Bitcoin dice sites are typically free to play and offer lower house edges than traditional online betting sites for other games of chance, like slots or poker. Bitcoin casinos are also very popular, but there are some differences between playing at a bitcoin casino and playing at a bitcoin dice site.

Bitcoin Dice Games

Just because bitcoin dice is an online game doesn’t mean it’s different from traditional forms of gambling. You’re still risking money on the outcome of a game, just as you would at a table.

The only difference is that instead of playing with physical chips, you’ll be using bitcoin dice sites to play with digital tokens which represent value in the real world.

Bitcoin Dice games can also be considered luck-based games, as the odds of winning are largely dependent on luck. The odds vary depending on how many people are betting at any given time, so they can’t be predicted with certainty.

How To Get Started Playing Bitcoin Dice

To start gambling with bitcoin at CryptoGames, the first thing you need to do is sign up for a bitcoin dice site. You can find a list of bitcoin dice sites at Once you’re registered for a site, make sure you read the terms and conditions and understand how the house edge works in your game before playing.

The only difference is that instead of putting money into a traditional online gambling site, you wire your funds to one of the sites cryptocurrency wallets. One of the most popular forms of crypto-currency gambling is bitcoin dice gambling.

You can play on any of the Bitcoin dice sites listed on by following these steps:

1) Register an account with your email address and choose a strong password

2) Deposit some bitcoins into your new wallet (a minimum amount may be required).

3) Choose which form of currency you would like to gamble with (bitcoin is usually the only currency accepted).

4) Choose either manually betting or auto-betting and then click “Roll” to start playing bitcoin dice!

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