Lucky Lady’s charm deluxe slot on Pussy888

Choosing the right slot game could be tricky. Since Easyslot789 brings you hundreds of slots online, it becomes difficult to choose a slot. This is why we are bringing you the review of one of the most popular slot games available on Pussy888 slot camp.

Lucky lady’s charm slot on Pussy888 review

Developed in the year 2010 and launched by Novomatic, this slot game has a strong women-centric appeal and is created based on the fantasy theme. Although the color range is more inclined towards pink and ranges between shades of pink and cherry red. The popular slot game on Pussy888 has 10 paylines and allows every player to catch 5 charms. 

But how to win the game?  

How are the lucky charms involved in players receiving the winning prize? It’s simple. You have to spin the reel till you can match the lucky charms according to the winning combination from the left-most reel to the right. Although, except for the scatters all prizes are won by matching the lucky charms to form the winning combinations. Scatter symbols let you win every time they appear on any reel even if it isn’t forming a winning combination.

A new session means a fresh game

One of the main reasons why this slot game is popular because every session is a fresh new game that means the present session has no memory of the past sessions. You can mess up as many times as you want and all you have to do is play a fresh session to get a clean slate.

Compatible with most devices, the slot game can be accessed at any time of the day. You don’t have to wait in line even though there might be 100 players already playing the slot game. The game is designed with user-friendly features and a very simple yet friendly interface.

RTP and other slot specifics

If you are new to the world of slots, then lucky charms available on Pussy888 are a great choice to begin your journey.  With impressive graphics and high-end sounds effects, the slot is perfect for professional players without any second thoughts.  Due to the number of chances to win is so high, the slot game has a high RTP of around 95%. Even though there are so many payline available, players can play with whatever amount of money they are comfortable with. 

The slot game has many features which help players earn free spins and bonuses.  The wild symbol in this slot game is the lucky lady while the crystal ball is the scatter. The lady luck’s appearance will bring in substitutions and multiplications of winning throughout a session. 

The slot game has a lot of features that get triggered upon the repetition of certain features throughout the session. If you are an amateur then you can play this game without having to worry about the complications that might arise in the middle of the game because there ain’t any. For professional players, this simple slot game available on Pussy888 could be a quick way to win cash.

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