What is Meant by Leather Shoulder Holsters?

Leather shoulder holsters represent a traditional style to carry your gun. The style is still popular among the shooters. Due to its safety, accessibility and comfortability, the style is common among both, law enforcement and civilian users.

They are available in vertical and horizontal orientations. Moreover, it is appropriate for guns of different sizes. Similar to other products, some individuals like to wear shoulder holsters and others do not. In this article, we will discuss the situations where a shoulder holster will be an ideal choice.

Uses of leather shoulder holsters –

A leather shoulder holster is a perfect alternative for taking your gun on and off frequently. Numerous people also carry a shoulder cluster because they don’t wish to clutter up the waistband. Theleather shoulder holstersare also great for conceal carry. Don’t be fooled by purchasing the coolest-looking shoulder holster. Go for the one that is comfortable, convenient, durable, safe and secure.

For concealed carry, there are various merits of leather shoulder clusters. They allow for easy access. So, you can draw your weapon while sitting on your seat. This is of great help to access your firearm while driving.

Shoulder holsters are perfect for compact weapons. However, an individual can also use them for machine and long-barreled guns.

Are shoulder holsters a perfect way of concealed carry? No specific answer is available for this question. It depends on several variables like – dressing sense, gun type, daily routine etc.

On the same token, shoulder holsters also have some disadvantages for conceal carry. Such as – they are useless if you enter in a wrestling match, they are not safe and secure as belt holsters and a lot more.

Different types of leather shoulder holsters –

From a wide list by Kirkpatrick, here are the top 3 shoulder holsters for you.

1. M and P shield shoulder holster

It is a secure and comfortable way for carrying your firearm. The product is hand-molded and prepared with high-quality American leather. Some features of the product are – hand-molded for extra fit, durable saddle leather holster construction, thumb break design and adjustable size.

2. Glock 19 shoulder holster

Its thumb break design enables a shooter to securely unsnap his gun from retention. For a perfect fit, it can be hand-molded to P365. It comes in an adjustable size from small to XL.

3. SIG P365 shoulder holster model K-400

The model K-400 leather shoulder holsteris a secure way to carry SIG P365. The product provides quick access when required. A wide strap design is used for comfort to distribute weight evenly. Moreover, it is constructed with durable saddle leather.

Conclusion –

This much is enough to understand the meaning and worth of leader shoulder holsters. Before making any buying decision wisely compare the features and pros and cons of different models. Finally, select the one that meets your expectations and bankroll. On some specific orders, delivery is free by some reliable online stores like Kirkpatrick.

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